Plush Crush Series 3 (3-Pack)


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The Plush Crush Series 3 (3-Pack) contains a random assortment of 3 Plush Crush. The 3-Pack you receive will be a random combination of three colors from the six Plush Crush puzzle ball colors shown in the images.

What’s Plush Crush? It’s a collectible series of backpack hangable plush characters packaged in a puzzle ball you throw and crush to open! Series 3 features new Crush-to-Inflate action! After opening your puzzle ball, crush your plush and watch it inflate and pop up! Throw, crush, and collect all of the Crushie Crew! Which one will you get?

Recommended Use: Throw the puzzle ball against carpet, grass, or something that will somewhat cushion the impact. This will help prolong the puzzle ball’s lifespan so you can re-assemble it over and over again!

  • New Series 3 Edition with Crush-To-Inflate Plushies!
  • There are 6 plush characters to collect
  • You can reassemble the ball over and over again!
  • This product is not scented (many of our other products are).
  • Patent Pending
  • Ages 3+
  • Tag this product and more of your favorites with #PLUSHCRUSH.

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This fun surprise product is not scented (many of our other products are).

Plush Crush Series 3 Commerical

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