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  • Materials & Packaging Icon

    Materials and Packaging

    We have introduced some envelope-pushing ideas of how to make and package consumer products in ways that enhance the experience our customers have. We always try to make products that would have entertained us when we were kids.
  • Scentco Inc: Fun Collectibles


    You would think that we’ve all seen everything there is to invent. But there’s plenty more to come…..as consumer tastes change, as science and technology progress, and as our society evolves, so do the products that entertain our kids.
  • Recycled Newspapers


    Not only do some of our products smell good, but they’re also good for the planet. Our Smencils are made from 100% recycled newspapers. Saving trees…..one pencil at a time.
  • Scentco Inc: 2 Year Scent Guarantee

    Guaranteed Quality

    You can always tell if a company believes in what they make. Our goal is to deliver quality for the money spent — the same as we expect when we buy a product. That’s why we stand behind our products….it’s what we do.

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