Scent-sational Features

  • Recycled Newspapers

    Recycled Newspaper

    Not only do our products smell good, but they’re also good for the planet. Our Smencils and Smarkers are made from 100% recycled newspapers.
  • Scentco Inc: 2 Year Scent Guarantee

    2 Year Scent Guarantee

    Our products smell so good we even guarantee the scent for 2 years! Our scratch & sniff products are guaranteed for 250 scratches.
  • Scentco Inc: Smell & Learn

    Smell & Learn

    Our new Smell & Learn line of products makes learning fun. Enjoy fresh and fruity aromas while learning the smell of different foods.
  • Scentco Inc: Fun Collectibles

    Fun & Collectible

    Our characters are oh so cute, cuddly, and collectible. Collect, share, and trade with all of your friends!

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