Holiday Gift Guide

The holidays are approaching and we cannot wait for those cozy winter nights and a cup of hot chocolate in our hands. But first, let’s get all the shopping out of the way. The holidays can be a crazy, hectic time but don’t you worry!

We are here to make shopping a breeze and provide you with the best scented products all kids and teens will love. Here’s a holiday gift guide for all things cute and scented!

5 Gifts Under $5 + Stocking Stuffers

If you’re on a budget, check out the following items. Great for stockings stuffers and they are ALL UNDER $5.

Holiday Gift Tags: Smencils

  1. Neon Smens 4-Pack $4.99
  2. Backpack Buddies $4.99
  3. Coloring Puzzles with Scented Crayons $4.99
  4. Scents to Go $4.99
  5. Cutie Fruities $4.99

10 Gifts Under $10

Want to splurge a little but not go over the budget? Then this list is for you! Holiday Gift Tags: Smencils

  1. Mechanical Smencils 5-Pack $6.99
  2. Sports Smencils 5-Pack $6.99
  3. Smanimals $7.99
  4. Water Magic $5.99 – $9.99
  5. Gel Crayons 5-Pack $6.99
  6. Scented Dough Kit $9.99
  7. Scratch & Sniff Wooden Puzzle $9.99
  8. Scents to Go: Smencils Kit $9.99
  9. Activity Coloring Book with Scented Crayons $6.99
  10. Learning Mats with Scented Crayons $9.99

Gifts Under $25

Got a little extra money to spend and feeling generous? Try these awesome items! Holiday Gift Tags: Smencils

  1. Smencils 10-Pack $13.99
  2. Colored Smencils 10-Pack $14.99
  3. Smash Drives 8GB $14.99
  4. Plush Backpacks $19.99
  5. Smillows $24.99

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