Creativity Day

Scentco Inc Coloring Activity for Creativity Day

In honor of National Creativity Day, we have a couple of printables for download! Click here for these sweet coloring sheets. Pair them up with our Colored Smencils and/or Sketch & Sniff Gel Crayons for even more fun!

Did you know that coloring stimulates creativity, helps children prepare for school and is a form of self-expression?

Whether they draw in the lines or outside of it, coloring is a way to spark their imagination and plays an important part in their development. They learn to combine colors and also figure out what they like and don’t like.

It’s so important, especially for young children, to color. Coloring helps them develop motor skills and also prepare for school. Just from coloring, they learn to identify colors, shapes, and pictures. Not only is coloring an educational asset, it also gives the children the opportunity to express themselves.

Now that you’ve learned the benefits of coloring, give your kids something to color and let their imagination run wild!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this mini post about coloring. Happy National Creative Day!

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